Data Center

PT. Sistem Integrasi Indonesia (SII) has a team of specialists who are experienced in building data center solutions for government agencies and corporate clients. The company's data center solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of clients, whether they require a small, on-premise data center or a large, cloud-based solution.

SII's data center solutions cover a wide range of services, including server virtualization, storage virtualization, network virtualization, disaster recovery, and backup and recovery. The company's solutions are designed to be scalable, secure, and reliable and are built using the latest technologies and best practices.

SII's team of data center specialists works closely with clients to understand their requirements and develop solutions that meet their specific needs. The company can provide end-to-end services, from design and implementation to ongoing maintenance and support.

SII's data center solutions are designed to help clients improve their IT infrastructure and reduce costs while also improving performance, scalability, and reliability. Whether clients require a traditional, on-premise data center or a cloud-based solution, SII has the expertise and experience to deliver a solution that meets their needs.